Manifest: Season 1 Reviews

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February 19, 2019
Love this show. Good character development with a running theme that keeps me interested in where this is going.
February 18, 2019
NBC's new supernatural drama makes it way

the story starts with Flight 828 making a departure then a freak lightning
storm hits only for a second
when they land at their destination though authorities and news media are
in shock because apparently the flight when missing for 5 1/2 years
all the passengers including the pilots have no idea so much time has
passed plus the fact that they haven't aged a day
so what did happen on that flight? and why all of a sudden do these people
experience a strange phenomenon of hearing voices and sounds from
did they gain abilities? were they abducted by an unknown force? or was
holy intervention a factor?
Agent Vance of the NSA investigates but comes up short on several instances
next to several other players the main focus is on police officer Michaela
and her brother Ben; for some reason they first gain the ability to hear
voices telling them to help people they didn't expect to
Things get scarier when one of the flight survivors ends up dead, was it
because they knew too much?
the plane is blown up so there's no way to find anything inside
still, the mystery deepens as Michaela and Ben search for answers as other
passengers like a female doctor Sannvi Bahl and even Ben's son start
experiencing extraordinary phenomenon
These �??callings�?? may be more connected than they think but they could also
break up their significant relationships
Someone mysterious named The Major is overlooking everyone. What�??s her
agenda? Why are these passengers from the plane so important?

are our lives still the same after so much time is left?, can we fall back into what we've lost?, some things can't be explained no matter how scientifically-based, some people see miracles, others see abberations, there may be no such thing as cheating death for good, should we abuse the gifts given to us or start anew?

the show does have a very cool premise and feels very Stephen King-esque
just keep in mind that a majority of it focuses on the passengers' aftermath of trying to readjust to their lives they left behind but also solve what happened
it's not really about the flight itself but the characters are pretty easy to connect to given the nature of their so-called miracle
a short first season but just enough mystery and suspense to want to know how it all plays out
and that cliffhanger had 2 very chilling discoveries about the 'callings' which I am very eager to find out more about!
½ February 18, 2019
First two esp was good, then it went stupid.
February 18, 2019
Still watching just to see some closure.
½ February 18, 2019
Started out strong !!!!!! Now i experience actors seems to be showing up. maybe the writing are directing> very hokey last episode. Characters not believable.
. Love the brother and the little boy.
Let's face it !!!!!!! we all like the good guys win. At least once
February 18, 2019
This is the show I put on when I need to fall asleep.
February 17, 2019
I like the characters and cannot wait to see what happens next.
February 15, 2019
By far the greatest tv show I have ever seen, on the edge of my seat in also every episode, i never want to episodento finish, cant wait to the next one.
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