The Good Place: Season 3 Reviews

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Matthew Samuel Mirliani
Super Reviewer
½ January 21, 2019
It?s inventive, smart, hilarious, and thought-provoking with a lovable cast and well-constructed twists. The Good Place is feel-good escapism at its best; both therapeutic and relaxing, it?s currently the preeminent example of the positive role certain media can play in ?self-care.?
½ February 16, 2019
The Good Place has the strongest concept of any comedy show at the moment. That being said, I think it is that strong concept that they´┐Ż┬?┬?re suffering from right now. It feels like the show has a very clear idea for the first season, but didn´┐Ż┬?┬?t think past that and now they´┐Ż┬?┬?re not sure what to do. They try to be as clever as the first season, but just isn´┐Ż┬?┬?t working out for them very well. They keep awkwardly going back to the plot of the first season and after seeing that a million times, I am kind of done with that by now. The show still entertains me though. But I honestly think it would be best if they decided to end the show right now before it becomes one of those shows that just drags on and on!
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